cUeRpO dE rEsOnAnCiAs

‘Cuerpo de Resonancias’ es una performance coral y colectiva, un álbum de siete coreografías que habla de experiencias íntimas sobre la homosexualidad, la inconformidad con los géneros, los sentimientos de vacío, las soledades y abusos y el refugio encontrado en el tacto y en el cuerpo. Continue reading

fAcInG rUbBiSh WiTh bLaNcA -pArT 02-

– You work with e-waste and you realise it has ecological, social, economic, political, consequences. You observe, at the same time, the bodies of those who are in charge of this rubbish; they are racialised and feminised, those who are at the lowest stage of the social scale. The causes can be connected, transversed. Political fights are touching with each other.

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pIsKi FiLmS, sAiNt VaLeNtInE, jAmEs ShErIdAn LuNt

Era pintor. Tenia 26 años, y queria huir de las tinieblas y la soledad de Inglaterra. Trabaje de panadero; madrugando, dormiendo por dias, ahorrando dinero, bastante por irme a Granada en busqueda del verano.

I was a painter. I was 26 years old, and I wanted to escape from England’s darkness and loneliness. I worked as a baker; staying awake, sleeping during the day, saving money, enough for leaving to Granada pursuing the summer. Continue reading

mUsIc FoR pRoGrAmMiNg

Through years of trial and error – skipping around internet radio stations, playing our entire music collections on shuffle, or just hammering single albums on repeat, we have found that the most effective music to aid prolonged periods of intense concentration tends to have a mixture of the following qualities: Continue reading

tHe CuBe MiCrOpLeX

The Cube is a Microplex Cinema, Arts venue, adult creche and progressive social wellbeing enterprise in Central Bristol, England. It was formed in October 1998 by 4 artists who previously ran the illegal cinema events Club Rombus. The building until that point in time had been a glass recylcle depo, an am-dram theatre, a gay avant garde 70’s art centre, an extension of the Chinese Overseas Association, a girls school, a deaf and dumb institute, a second run family cinema, a secret gig venue, an illegal gambling den. All these ghosts hang on in there.

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